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Philosophy & War

Religion Simulator is a unique strategy game. It gives you an opportunity to build your own religion and decide about its structure and philosophy. The gameplay consists of two elements: 1. THE GLOBE - You develop your religion on the globe where you need to take over tiles by adding expansions, temples and other buildings. The more tiles belong to your religion, the more gold you receive and your religion becomes stronger. When making decisions you need to take into account various aspects like population, education and wealth. There are other religions on the globe and your role is to dominate the world! You can also use various weapons like bombs and thunderstorms to destroy your opponents, but the most important is to give the right direction for expansion.

2. DECISION TREE - Philosophy is the base of each religion. In Religion Simulator you can decide about the relation between Believers and God. You can choose which elements of religion are the most important - faith, publicity, knowledge or maybe happiness? Build your own belief systems and reach wider audience. Decide about restrictions, laws and forms of punishment. There are many ways to dominate the wold, what is yours? What's fun about the game? Unique idea and approach, Philosophical and sociological aspects, Wide range of difficulty levels, Addictive gameplay.